Release Notes

This is an internal page for the team. It’s not confidential yet it holds the timeline of activities and accomplishments, notes we can share to help each other on this business website and calendar, and other things to continue to make GTR successful.

Timeline of Events, Tasks, Milestones (sorted newest to oldest)

February 2021

  • 1st – if not sooner, expect new Instructor class calendar and instructor classes details and payment methods go public for 6 months out and more

January 2021

  • 21st – get Facebook access and updates completed
  • 20th – example Calendar(s) reviewed, and one chosen and released privately for testing with Joe, include other instructors and their pages
  • 17th to 19th – setup instructors with access Word Press author/editor privileges so they can manage their own instructor landing page for courses and classes, so they can expand on details, add payment buttons, links, etc. add permissions to media library to upload their own artwork and media for their pages. Added Yoast SEO that keeps privacy of visitors. Verified various Word Press plug-ins are set to not give anonymous details to suppliers and vendors. Keep privacy of visitors so we do not have to deal with PII and GDPR requirements.
  • 16th – team meeting at GTR classroom to discuss needs with instructors, clarify class registration process and business process items (past, present, future)

December 2020

  • 24th to 25th – renew at for a year and have domain forwarding to
  • 10th to 14th – Andy starts to help Monty nail down the domains, web hosting, and other items re-organized and transferred and setup on godaddy and bluehost appropriately
  • 1st to 5th – update GTR website content, re-organized, cleaned up, pages, menu (the hamburger link), consolidate 3 web forms to one between two websites (PDNV and GTR) and test and real submissions got to Monty. Joe is backup admin. Get with other instructors for their bios, pictures, contact information

November 2020

  • 18th-22nd – get GTR title and domain registration ownership on Go Daddy transferred from previous web design company to Monty’s own business registration title account; setup and WordPress installed and configured. select basic theme that is light, fast, and portable on all platforms, devices, and easy to navigate
  • 17th – Monty gets with Andy to get help and join GTR and PD team to resolve issues with domains, hosting, websites, calendar, graphics, instructor pages and bios, Facebook, photos, covid-19 safety, etc