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Welcome to Gun Training Reno (GTR) | Personal Defense Nevada

Our motto: Knowledge. Training. Responsibility.

Personal Defense Gun Training caters to the everyday person who wants to get more comfortable or more skilled with firearms. We offer a range of classes for your specific needs. Many classes have
prerequisites to ensure your safety and success in our training programs.

CLASSES: Click here to inquire about classes you are interested in, and we will contact you to schedule your class times. We have multiple instructors in order to accommodate your schedule. Personal Defense offers classes to develop CCW instructors. For example, we offer NRA Basic Pistol, Protection in the Home, and Protection outside the Home.

We work with many local gun stores and training facilities to recommend a comfortable gun for your unique needs, body type and personality.

You can come directly to GunTrainingReno.com instead of PersonalDefenseNV.com. Please update your browser favorites, bookmarks and website links.

Privacy and Security: GTR uses SSL encryption on this website and the class registration calendar and we keep identities of clients, group classes and times confidential and anonymous. At this time, we do not save nor store Internet browser cookies nor SEO tracking for your privacy as well; because of this, we do not need you to click any button for the acceptance of cookies, and for our international EU clients, GDPR is not an issue. We strive to protect your privacy at all times.